Reporting an EE Scam in 3 Steps

Reporting an EE Scam in 3 Steps

Step 1: Contact the company that the email is pretending to be

In this case, it was EE Limited. I contacted EE via their phishing report email, [email protected]. I forwarded the email, adding:

Dear EE,
Attached is an email sent from someone claiming to be EE. I will be also emailing Google Domains as they are the registrar used for the domain the email is sent from and the domain that the link is on.
I am not a customer of EE.

This brings us nicely on to the next step...

Step 2: Contact the company that the domain is registered from

This can be a link or an email address.

You can find the registrar of the domain by performing a WhoIs search. This is free. In this case, there was both a custom domain on the email address and the link, but they were both registered to Google Domains. I contacted Google Domains via their abuse email, [email protected], saying:

Dear Google LLC,
My name is Eddie and I received an EE Phishing scam. After a quick WhoIs search on the domain of both the email address domain, auto*************, and the domain used for the link in the email, o*****, I found they are both registered to Google LLC/Google Domains. I am reporting these domains to you in the hope that you will take appropriate action against the registrant. I have attached a screenshot of the email. If you need it forwarded, or need any other info, please contact me via this email address.
Kind regards

Step 3: Contact hosting providers

If possible, find the hosting provider of the domains or email. You can do this by using a DNS Lookup and then finding the owner of the IP or CNAME domain. In this case, I could not find the hosting providers, due to them using providers that have too many products to narrow down to one of their hosting platforms, therefore meaning I couldn't report it.

And that it's it! That's all you can do! Oh and also report it to your email provider, such as Microsoft Outlook's "report as phishing" feature.